What is Divorce Online?

Divorce Online is a service for Massachusetts couples seeking a low cost, fast, uncontested divorce without litigation or mediation.

Many of today’s divorcing couples are frustrated by the high cost of obtaining a divorce. This service offers couples a low-cost divorce solution by a licensed attorney who specializes in divorce law.

Who will Divorce Online work for?
Divorce Online is for those who want an amicable divorce and have already agreed on the major issues of child support and division of assets.

It is also ideal for couples who have been separated for some time and have already divided their assets. They either don’t know how to go about obtaining a divorce or find attorney’s fees much too expensive.

How does Divorce Online work?
To get started, request our free information packet via email. You will receive pricing and tools to organize each aspect of your agreement.

This electronic divorce is conducted through a series of emails between you and the attorney. Ultimately, the divorcing couple receives by mail all the completed paperwork (see below) to be signed by them before a notary public. After the documents are signed and mailed back to our office, the attorney files them with the Court. This way your hearing date will be set up for you with the Court by our office. We will prepare you via email for your day in Court by explaining what questions the judge will be asking you.

Your low-cost divorce includes the following completed paperwork:

  • Statistical Form R-408
  • Joint Affidavit
  • Joint Petition
  • Marital Separation Agreement
  • Trial Assignment Cover Sheet
  • Affidavit Disclosing Care or Custody (if required)
  • Child Support Guidelines Worksheet (if required)

The paperwork is submitted with the attorney’s cover letter to the Court along with the $215.00 filing fee, which you are required to provide in advance.

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The MA Divorce Mediation Group remains committed to serving you during this difficult period. We offer a free consultation or existing client mediation meeting by phone or video conference. We also offer a LiveChat feature on this web site.Learn More About Online Divorce Mediation