We need a speedy divorce. How long will this take?

  • Answer: If you answer our emails promptly and provide us with your Personal Financial Statement in a timely manner, we can have you both in Court within eight (8) weeks. Only one Court appearance is necessary.

What is your success rate in Court with Divorce Online?

  • To date we have had a 100% success rate in Court with Divorce Online.

We have some unresolved issues. Is this OK?

  • Yes. Without obligation, we will email you a list of topics that you can discuss with your spouse. We will then assist you via email with your unresolved issues.

Will the attorney appear with us in Court?

  • No. The low cost of Divorce Online does not include our attorney appearing with you in Court. We will, however, prepare you in advance for you Court appearance.

I cannot locate or contact my spouse. Is this a problem?

  • Yes. If your spouse cannot be located or is uncooperative or unresponsive, Divorce Online is not for you.

Are we expected to fill out forms ourselves?

  • No. We take care of all forms and paperwork. The only form we ask you to fill out is a very brief one-page questionnaire. You also need to fill out a two-page Personal Financial Statement which is required by the Court. We supply this form in an easy to use Microsoft® Excel format.

What’s the next step? In other words, how do we get started with our Massachusetts Divorce Online?

  • After you become our client, you will need to send us a draft copy of the personal financial statement which we supply you via email. We also need a certified copy of your Marriage Certificate.
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